• Cybersecurity Fundamentals

    A course that provides an introduction of instruction and hands-on approach to cybersecurity industry practices including networking, DoD (Department of Defense) Cybersecurity logistics, STIG implementation, the importance of testing/hardening systems and vulnerability management, Windows OS, and threat detection.

  • Cyber Analyst and Engineering: Offensive and Defensive Security

    Courses providing students with instruction and hands-on industry knowledge in Incident Response, Linux Operating System, Digital Forensics, and RMF (Risk Management Framework) vulnerability management. This course will prepare you to become a proficient Cybersecurity Analyst and Engineer.

  • 6 month Course Access

    Course materials and 30 days access to ACI Learn 5800+ hours of hands on interactive IT training. CompTIA, AWS, Azure, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, Linux, Security, cloud, virtualization, practice tests, virtual labs and more. ***Each Tier has designated days of access to ACI Learns platform and this can be purchased as a membership for $99/mo after time expires***

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